13 Radio Stations, All For Free!

Below are a list of Cool Radio stations for you to turn up and enjoy. Any problems, let us know in the contact us section of the website.

Cool Radio UK plays The Biggest Hits & The Best Classic Tracks. Home to Greg Max at Breakfast, Weekdays from 6.

Cool Hits is the home to playing up to date music and those classic hits that we've grown up listening to as well.

Do you love those guitar anthems? Then Cool Radio Rock is the home to that, playing the songs you love, rocky.

Soundtracks is home to playing the best songs from the musicals, Disney films and those Broadway anthems.

If you ever feel like going for a run, then be sure to listen to Cool Workout. They'll keep you motivated on the track.

Chill the day away with Cool Chilled, playing the best chilled tunes like Ed Sheeran, Duran Duran and The Beatles.

Home of the ultimate 70s decade, playing the timeless tunes from Elton John, Rolling Stones and The Jam.

The world famous Cool Radio 80s, playing the best 80s music all day long, like Deacon Blue and Tears For Fears.

Cool 90s is the number one home to Oasis, Pulp, Manic Street Preachers, U2 and Chumawamba.

Playing the naughtiest tunes from one special decade in music. Reenergizing us in the 2000s.

Home to America's, the UK's and the world's country music, all in one place. Whether it's new or old, we'll play it.

Every night is a Friday night, with Cool Dance Hits playing non-stop weekend anthems, whenever you need them.

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